Drunken Blog #1ย 

So I just got done filming a Happy Hour and I thought to myself, “what if I blogged right now?!” And thus I’m going with it! 

Using inspiration from a gift from a friend I made on YouTube  

Let’s get started! (Don’t worry, I won’t be doing all 500. I DO have to work in the morning. Although I love the ambition!) 

Name three adjectives that best describe your temper. What or who was the cause of the angriest moment of your life? 

Loud, fast, and flashy. Basically my temper is lightning. Seriously. It happens and then it’s done. Not a full fledged thunderstorm. Just one stroke of lightning. I move on. What made me the most angry?….jeez, I hate to put this out there. But probably a living situation I had near the end of my college career. We were friends. Thought it’d be compatible. Totally wasn’t. I wanted to pay bills on time, wasn’t a concern for them. Whatever. 

Do you tend to follow the crowd or walk to the beat of your own drum? 

I hate the crowd. And I despise mob mentality. 

You’re planning a comedian “showdown” as a public event. What two comedians would you like to see battle it out verbally for entertainment? What makes them funny? 

Is this the modern day gladiator games? Cause I feel someone is leaving broken down and defeated. Bianca del Rio and Kathy Griffin. Because I know Bianca doesn’t like her and I wanna see where this goes.  

Describe three really awkward moments in your life. 

You’ll have to check out this week’s Happy Hour! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 





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