it’s august 1st, and i’m officially out of my studio…and mind!

Alright, first off, I know I’m weeks behind on Happy Hour, but I’ve got each week’s filmed-just not edited. Because I enjoy being well rested as best I can, full-time employment, and moving out of an office/studio….annnnd working on this “secret project” I’ve hinted around with on social media.

Well, here’s the T.

DJ K Yung  has invited me to host an hour long radio talk show on Flood 93! Which, you’ll be able to enjoy on air, or as a podcast (links to come) and I’m beyond thrilled. I feel like freaking Delilah or something. I’ll be recording live, or in one take, and the unedited audio will be available to listen to whenever you want, wherever you want; as a podcast!

Very excited to get back on the Happy Hour schedule again, and as always-if you ever need anything, I’m always here for you. You can submit any questions, concerns, comments even-anonymously to the Drunk Advice segment! See you all soon! ❤

Thanks for reading, watching, and soon for listening! I love ya’ll! ❤

Also, be on the lookout for some Happy Hour merch! Shot glasses anyone? Sweatshirt?! MMMMmmmmkaaay baiiiiiiiiiii.


100 Subscribers and the Persistent Stache

Hello friends! If you’ve been following me on any of my social media accounts, you may have noticed something different about me. A hairier thing about me. A lip eyebrow if you will. And that thing needs to GO! 

I promised a friend a week or two ago that I wouldn’t shave my mustache until my YouTube channel reached 100 subscribers. 

We were at 50ish when the deal was struck. As of right now, we’re at 95!!!! Just 5 away. I’m sure my friends on Facebook are thinking, “Jesus shut this kid up.” 

So now that we’re only 5 away, these last 5 subscribers have been the hardest to get. Let me shave my mustache, please! I implore you to check out my channel. If you like it, subscribe and share with friends! If you hate it, share it with your family. Here’s a link for ya: CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Thank you, and spread joy and love to fellow humans! 

Cory Scott  


A title that makes you want to read more. (A tale of food poisoning)

Okay, I had no idea what to title this thing. I was going to film two videos today. Then danger struck. And now I will be in bed (or on a couch) cat nestled right next to me, not filming, with a bottle of pepto bismol at the ready.

my current salvation

But since I just cancelled my Happy Hour video this week, and another surprise video for whenever the hell I got it finished; I thought I’d at least blog. Don’t want you to miss me too much! *hair toss*

So as I’m sitting here I’m thinking (don’t fart! don’t fart!) about a few things. And then I lost them. Completely blanked.

This might be an interesting thing to share, and only mildly appropriate. One time I had food poisoning. (I promise, today isn’t that nor is it anywhere NEAR that bad.) It. Was. Terrible. I would not wish it upon my enemies.

I was in Chicago on a day trip (yay trains!) and doing a job shadow at a PR firm with a friend. We went out to lunch and had some really great food, although I must admit-I did question the appearance of those chicken sliders. Shoulda trusted my judgment. But I didn’t want to be rude. (PS-if I ever question the appearance of my food again, next time I will be rude.) the only reason I have it pinpointed on that lunch, is that both of us got food poisoning at the same time. We didn’t have any other meals together. And the odds are pretty low for food poisoning usually, unless you’re cooking in your uncle’s shed. But that’s another story.

I get home from a long day and a long commute. I had a meeting that evening for an organization I ran, and I had to be on time. I got to my apartment. Dropped off one backpack and picked up another. (See dad, I learned some stuff! Pre-packed and all!)

The meeting goes well. Boring enough. And then I’m suddenly hit with a gurgle. I take a bus back to my place and am suddenly wiped out.

The first symptom that hit me was exhaustion. Other than that gurgle. I was supposed to hang out with my then boyfriend at the time. I texted him that I was exhausted and might be sleepy. But come on over. It was sometime before he got there that I ran to the bathroom, white as a ghost (details from my roommate. -thanks Anna!) and let it fly.

I swear to God, I have never in all my life felt so relieved, defeated, exhausted, and ready to give up all at once as I did in that moment. I’m pretty sure I was pushing one hand against the wall and the other on the counter, probably was afraid I’d take off in flight or something. The jet streams were that powerful. Then something changed.

Suddenly I’m hit with the urge to spew chunks. Whether or not it was the fumes from below, or symptoms of the food poisoning, I’ll never know. I think I’d prefer not to. So I’m sitting there thinking to myself, “sweet Jesus. If I make it through this, I’m going to go back to church.” …sorry, I didn’t keep my word on that one. But in my defense, Sunday’s are supposed to be rest days. The bible even says so!…so I’m gonna rest my saved behind in that memory foam bed until it’s ready to wake up. See? resting…just doing the Lord’s work.

So here I am on the toilet, firing from both ends (thank God for trash cans), and someone knocks on the door. It was my boyfriend. I’m pretty sure he deserves a medal or something for putting up with the fumes that were creaking through that door, and I’m also pretty sure that’s why I didn’t get my full security deposit back. Anyways, he calls my mom, and she tells him to get pepto bismol, sprite, and something else I don’t remember. I was clinging on for dear life at the time. Details weren’t important. Just. make. this. stop.

Thankfully, boyfriend and my roommate took good care of me. Because I hardly wanted to clean myself, let alone the bathroom at that time. (Remember the exhaustion?…yeah, I was tempted to just lay down in defeat and snooze it off.) So, thanks you two!

On that note, I’m off to watch some Netflix, and nap away this stomach thing. …you know what…I did have a fiber one bar last night after dinner…

Cory Scott


Friends! Want to be in the first official video on the new channel?! Email me a video of you saying “Happy Thirstday! Subscribe to the new channel!” and anything else you’d like to say! 🙂 Don’t worry about fancy. This ain’t NBC or something. Selfie cameras at the ready! Email me the video at ! 😀 Thank you!! Can’t wait to see you all!


your new bestfriend imcoryscott

NEW channel with my actual username. Won’t you subscribe? 🙂

To clarify why I’m doing this; my old channel used my nickname “Rey” and the olde English spelling of music “musick.” Let me tell you, not the easiest shit to say “Go subscribe to!” let alone get people to spell it right. I struggled with started all over, but I figured, do it now and don’t look back. It’s just a new URL….with 0 views, 0 subs, and 0 comments. ToT OMG THE PAIN. Whatever, we’ll make it. 😀




Alright, this has been something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and I feel like I want to know what others think about it. As with most blog posts, I get reluctant to type it out just because I’m worried someone will misread or read something into it that I don’t mean, but whatever, here it goes. Jenna Marbles was at my Alma Mater this week, and inspired by a video Shane Dawson just put out I’m going to give it my best shot.

What does the future of new media hold? The internet and the dawn of new media is uncharted territory, but does that set it’s future apart from the histories other entertainment industries have followed? I feel like new media is in a dynamic time, has been for a few years, but it feels like it’s coming to a climax. YouTube star Grace Helbig has a new show on the E! Network, YouTubers are writing books, selling merch, getting signed to (YouTube) networks, sponsored videos, and even tours. Some people call this “selling out.” Which I think is absolute bogus, they’re just trying to make a living doing what they love. However, some of the talent behind this content feels they are underpaid and under appreciated. I’m not saying one way or the other, however, this is a very passion driven field. They clearly don’t hate making this content, or they never would have started in the first place, let alone “make it.” So what happens next? Is new media just a stepping stone to being “discovered” for traditional media? Or is it something that exists in harmony with older media? Or will it stay the way it has been?

Similar to the studio era of Hollywood that I studied in school, the talent is feeling under appreciated and underpaid, and starting to look for other options. Shane mentions Vessel (of which I have never heard before), a paid subscription app that shells out a little bit more to its content creators. So are we moving to a new way of consuming new media, or how/where it is created? I want to know what you think about all of this. I hope I’m stating all of this clearly…but I have a slight caffeine buzz. Thanks espresso shots! XD

What happens next?


I feel I should also mention, that while I make videos on YouTube I do not get paid. I don’t have near the amount of an audience to support that, I do it simply because I enjoy doing it. (Hard not to enjoy it with a drink in my hand- AMIRITE?!) IF I did get paid, I would love to do it full time, obviously, and create more content. This is just a rambling and thought I’ve been thinking about due to what I’ve been seeing. Even Tidal (the music streaming service) seems somewhat along the lines of the talent feeling underpaid and under appreciated.