Fashion Staple: DENIM

If you don’t own any denim, just get out. Go somewhere else. It’s EVERYWHERE. Jeans, jackets, even button-downs. You’d seriously have to be living under a rock or be Anna Wintour (she’s the only thing too fabulous for them. Just googled, she does wear jeans from time to time! Bless her.)

One of my favorite past times is looking into the history of things. Words, customs, fashions (you know high heels were originally for men, right?), or even food. Maybe I just like the trivial information, but curiosity seriously gets to me. Naturally I started to wonder about denim. Who wore it, when, where, why?! I found this infographic that you might find quite intriguing. I want to know what your favorite style and fit is! Also, skinny jeans seem to be almost always in, so don’t ditch that pair just yet. Perhaps I’ll use some old pairs of jeans and make a stitch hodge-podge jacket, might teach me a thing or two about sewing. XP


I also love the feminist movement and liberation through denim. Take that power.

What is your favorite fit or style of denim? I love the straight leg, but am also a major fan of the tapered look. Just gotta hit the gym more and the Oreo’s less. Whoops.





For those of you who follow me on twitter, you may know a few more things about my fashion sense than those who don’t. But don’t fret, I’ll catch you up with the important tweets that are applicable to this line I just found.

I think you get the picture.

Somehow, by the grace of the gods, I encountered this brand on my feed and have fallen in love with it. I’ve contacted the brand and they gave me these photos to share with all of you! Revel in their glory.


There is plenty more where that came from, just saying. Check out their site linked below. 😀 This line is called “Stargate” and I can see why! It’s out of this world with inspiration.

In my opinion, these designs are a playful, yet serious questioning of what male fashion is and could be. Why can’t a man care enough about fashion to push the boundaries? There is a playful touch of subtlety where you can’t necessarily place your finger on how the clothes are different from those of most clothing lines, but you can feel that they surely are. No Attack’s Stargate is edgy enough to be different, yet subtle enough to blend in; giving it a tasteful edge.

I can play with their motto “Real men fear no attack” by taking it one of two ways. One way being from the perspective of dressing outside of the norms of what a “normal” man wears. Others are going to comment, smirk, or talk about it, but that man shouldn’t fear those attacks.   Another way I can take it is from the point of view of the “ordinary” man; being that a man who sees another man dress outside of the social norms of men’s fashion shouldn’t feel threatened or attacked by this man’s display of edgy style. The two can coincide in today’s society regardless.

While the line is based out of Poland, they ship worldwide. I know I’m on board. Take me to your leader.

[NO ATTACK Website]




I’m so excited to announce my first season of shirts! For this season, I went with a mythology theme, as I have always loved ancient mythology (specifically Egyptian & Greek)! The quality of the printing here is astounding, and I can’t get over it.

You can access the shop by [CLICKING HERE!]

Let’s grow together and create more! ❤



PS – I should add that you can customize your shirts as well by picking different colors! Have fun and enjoy! ❤

T-Shirt Line Launch!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be launching a T-Shirt line in March 2014! If you’ve read my post on customized clothing you know I have a desire to create fashion and not just appreciate it!

Some of these designs have been influenced by my previous sketches and have been modified for T-Shirt street wear! Street fashion has been my current obsession as it is both flashy and comfortable.

I’ve designed these with my friends in mind and to make the wearer feel special. Because when you feel special, those around you feel special. Spread the joy and love!

I’m also doing a GIVEAWAY for the launch! 😀

More designs can be found HERE.


Customized Clothing

One thing I have always had a fondness for is unique style.  I love the bold, the daring, and the questioning.  Growing up I was always surrounded by such stylish family and friends.  My cousins, my brother, and I would always love to take fashion outside the box.  We went to Goodwill and got disco outfits to wear to the mall one time, just to give an example.  Maybe we were just young and having fun, but I like to keep that mentality.  Fashion should be fun and expressive!

Lately, I’ve begun getting requests to customize some articles of clothing, mainly hoodies and jackets, and it thrills me that people like what I’ve done for some of my wardrobe and want it for themselves!  Here is an example of a hoodie and a sweater I customized for myself using similar techniques:

Customized by Rey
Customized by Rey
Customized by Rey
Customized by Rey

The most recent request I have is to customize a pea coat.  I’m quite excited about this one, as I’ve never worked with this material before, and I already have a few ideas for it!  I’ll be sure to share the final product and some of the process when I get the actual coat.

One of my favorite things about customizing clothing is that they are one of a kind pieces.  Even if I were to try to recreate something I have previously done, it would still have its own uniqueness in one way or another.  To me, that is invaluable.

I’ll end this post with a sign my music teacher in high school had upside down: Why be normal?


One of my Current Inspirations: House of Malakai

Over the summer I discovered a fashion brand (thanks to CL of 2NE1) that has been my latest fashion obsession; House of Malakai (HOM).  The head pieces HOM creates are ethereal.  Even (what I would consider) the everyday pieces in the Heliolatry Collection have a realm of fantasy and dream to them.  For instance, one piece from the Heliolatry Collection that strikes me most is the military visor used in CL’s 나쁜 기집애 (Baddest Female) music video: Click Here.

The shape, lines, and detailing all come together in this cohesive piece that really does honor the Helio-influence as well as charge forward with new vision and grandeur.

I have since really come to terms with some of my own inspirations through this discovery, and that has been quite a liberating and, obviously, inspiring process.  Seemingly I will like anything that looks straight out of a fantasy or sci-fi film (particularly Star Wars).   HOM’s couture line really evokes a sense of nostalgia and imagination in me that most other head wear does not.   It’s like being a child watching Star Wars for the first time again, and imagining all of the possibilities for so many different things.

To give more credit to CL’s use of HOM and the couture line: Click Here.

The styling possibilities are endless.  Here is more from HOM’s Couture Line.  There is so much visual appeal that I can hardly look at the page without gasping.  I’ll look away before I hyperventilate!  These dramatic and elegant pieces thrive off of the imagination and culture of both the designer and the viewer; and really comes together as a work of art.

What are some lines that you can’t get enough of?  What inspires your style and visually stimulates you?  Leave me a comment below, I would love to check out more lines and see what gets you fired up!


Taste Test

Consider this a taste test of what’s to come from my fashion side, as of now.  As with anybody else, I am always changing, growing, and learning in my style and tastes.  My current taste in fashion ranges from street (and this) to formal and any imaginable mix in-between.  Now seems to be a very diverse and fun time for fashion!

With a wide range of color choices between the two, bright contrasting colors or dark monochromatism, I typically like to spark up a monochromatic outfit with either edgy pieces or a splash of color.   Mixing things that aren’t usually grouped together in a cohesive image are other ways I express my multifaceted self.  Just because someone thinks a Clark Bushacre 2 boot is “hipster” doesn’t mean it can’t also be accessorized with a hip/sporty flat bill.  Never let labels limit.  Fashion should be fun!  To quote my friend Emily Knezz, “I think fashion should know no rules; colors, patterns, whatever, it don’t matter. If you like it, wear it. When you don’t care about the rules, there’s a lot more options, and it’s a lot more fun.”  I could not agree more.

Look at Mademoiselle Yulia rocking heels, patterned leggings, an oversized tee, a varsity jacket, bandana, and flat bill.  If we broke this down into each piece representing a certain style we would have at least three different styles that some wouldn’t dream of mixing together.  Heels are a woman’s best friend as a classy, sexy, and elegant style would suggest.  Bring in the varsity jacket (prep/jock), the hat & bandana combo (street/urban), & leggings (chic) and we’ve got some eye candy of a fashion cocktail.

That all being said, I think this gives a very generalized (and small) piece of what is to come from my fashion posts.  So stick around and get ready to sip some style sangria (or soda!) with me!


PS: Let me know how you like to style yourself or what your favorite outfits are in the comments below!