Self-Imposed Confines & Lines

Self-imposed Confines & Lines. I think this is why some people love starting all over with a new blog, or a new account on something-myself included. It’s as if certain things we’ve worked on have started a life of their own. A certain identity. When really, we’re the ones who have breathed life into that work. So really, we can shatter those self-imposed lines and boxes. Greatness comes from outside your comfort zone. Perhaps I’m still restless today. Contemplated starting a “new blog” (only for a split second) so I could rant and personally vent these kind of things into it. But why not on this one? Just cause this one has my usual kind of content doesn’t mean I can’t spice it up with personal journal-like content, right? Then the fear kicks in.

What if this isn’t what people are following me on here for? What if I piss someone off? What if I’m not working within my “niche?” What if I look unfocused? Or “out of brand.” I think it’s a part of our culture.

I think one thing about American culture in this kind of industry (entertainment) is we often choose to see only one side of a person. For instance, Kristen Wiig is a wonderful comedian and talented actor. People see her as funny. So when she was dancing with Maddy for Sia’s Grammy performance people assumed it was some kind of joke, and everyone was waiting for the punchline. Myself included. Then I started to realize, WHY did I assume such a thing? Just cause she’s funny doesn’t mean she can’t express herself through other mediums and ways. Or that she doesn’t have to be funny all of the time.

This is gonna sound so teen angst lmfao. But whatever. It’s my current truth. I think I’m getting that stress before stress happens. I’m literally stressed about what I’m going to be stressed about at work bahaha. I can’t wait to do another video for my YouTube and let loose! 😀 See you soon! ❤ (Also, I love my job. I wouldn’t do something if I didn’t love it. <3) I made some time tonight to call and catch up with a few friends. I have to tell you, it was more alleviating than I imagined it could be. Love you guys! ❤

PS-I put the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, as the featured image-because there is no other option but victory. 😀

Stay bright, love,