it’s august 1st, and i’m officially out of my studio…and mind!

Alright, first off, I know I’m weeks behind on Happy Hour, but I’ve got each week’s filmed-just not edited. Because I enjoy being well rested as best I can, full-time employment, and moving out of an office/studio….annnnd working on this “secret project” I’ve hinted around with on social media.

Well, here’s the T.

DJ K Yung  has invited me to host an hour long radio talk show on Flood 93! Which, you’ll be able to enjoy on air, or as a podcast (links to come) and I’m beyond thrilled. I feel like freaking Delilah or something. I’ll be recording live, or in one take, and the unedited audio will be available to listen to whenever you want, wherever you want; as a podcast!

Very excited to get back on the Happy Hour schedule again, and as always-if you ever need anything, I’m always here for you. You can submit any questions, concerns, comments even-anonymously to the Drunk Advice segment! See you all soon! ❤

Thanks for reading, watching, and soon for listening! I love ya’ll! ❤

Also, be on the lookout for some Happy Hour merch! Shot glasses anyone? Sweatshirt?! MMMMmmmmkaaay baiiiiiiiiiii.