Happy New Year!

Some of my goals for 2014:

  • Increase weekly video output!
  • Produce short films!
  • Launch T-Shirt Line in March
  • Graduate in May
  • Make more time to do the things I love! (More musick, more film, more fashion!)
  • Write more guest blog posts!
  • Travel!

T-Shirt Line Launch!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be launching a T-Shirt line in March 2014! If you’ve read my post on customized clothing you know I have a desire to create fashion and not just appreciate it!

Some of these designs have been influenced by my previous sketches and have been modified for T-Shirt street wear! Street fashion has been my current obsession as it is both flashy and comfortable.

I’ve designed these with my friends in mind and to make the wearer feel special. Because when you feel special, those around you feel special. Spread the joy and love!

I’m also doing a GIVEAWAY for the launch! 😀

More designs can be found HERE.


From the Vault: Destiny

This is something I found recently in my “vault” along with music, designs, and videos.  I stored all of my creative endeavors in this vault since I was in high school.  I will continue to add to it, and have found renewed inspiration in it.  Sometimes seeing how little we’ve changed can be one of the most inspiring things about our ambitions and passions.  Here is one untitled piece, but I’ll refer to it as Destiny, in its original unedited form.

—-March 16, 2007—-

When thinking about it, from the perspective of a palm reader, your destiny is entrusted to you the second you clamp your hands.  That is when the marks and wrinkles first form, and that is how they will forever be.

Destiny; fate, fortune, the inevitable… does everything have a destiny?  Or is everything flung through time?  Each to go its own separate course, possibly colliding with others or traveling with others.  What if destiny is real?  Is there any control over it?  Can you go against destiny and create your own path, by making decisions?  Or perhaps destiny only reveals the destination, we choose how we get there and how long it takes.  The journey takes you to your destination, your choices affect your destiny.  But how?  How can the inevitable be affected?  Inevitabilitites are going to happen, yet we can affect them?  If one does not fulfill their destiny what happens?  Have they not fulfilled life?  Who’s to say?  How would anyone know?  Maybe no one would know… just you, the one who lived your life.  So all you can do is enjoy it, and that should be everyone’s broad destiny – to enjoy life to its fullest.  If anything is holding you back from that, you must simply let it go… and that will be better for you in the end… no matter how good it seemed.

Question everything,