Question: What does music mean to you?

What does music mean to you.While I usually answer these on my YouTube Channel, this is one I couldn’t do on film. It was more emotional than I’m currently comfortable sharing on camera and I also want the opportunity to go over it entirely before pushing it out there. That being said, this is going to be very train of thought, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do it justice. But I’ll try, and I won’t claim that music means more to me than it does to anyone or everyone else as we all have our own opinions and feelings. As always, differences are welcome. ❤

So, what does music mean to me?

Music is that thing that brings people together, it’s a culture. It creates  and nurtures friendships across borders and oceans. One of my best friends and I were heavily involved in the music departments at our schools, and we lived in separate states, but talking about music and making music was one of our big topics when we’d catch up on the phone. Music is universal. It expresses where words alone cannot. It’s an experience. I have actually been moved to tears by a piece of music in many different genres, whether it’s the beauty of it or the emotion it evokes. It’s an experience. Nothing brings a group of people closer than making music together-whether in a choir, a band, or even sometimes in your car to your favorite song. When I’m in the car with someone, they’ll often notice I’m not making a lot of conversation. I’d rather sing and dance in the car with them. To me that’s establishing a connection beyond what any conversation can create. It’s the first thing I remember doing with my dad. It’s the first thing I remember about going around town with my mom in my car seat. It’s everything that’s beautiful in this world. It’s love. Even songs about hate or dissing have love in it. No one creates music because they hate it. It shows our endless ability to create. It’s everywhere you look. The garbage man passing by just had headphones in. Chances are he was listening to music rather than something else. Music has been considered the pinnacle of art by many. Understandably so. It’s the only auditory art and through which many visual arts are inspired. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to any higher being. It gets me through my workout. It gets me pumped up for the day. It calms me down when I’m nervous. It can change my mood, or it can amplify it.
Before I could stand, I would hold myself up on the coffee table and tap my whole leg to the beat of a song. Music is also diverse. And in this diversity is beauty. So many genres and styles. Even one song can be diversified into different covers in different genres or styles. (I don’t use those two interchangeably.) Without music I imagine our lives would be significantly different. While inspiration may come from many things, those and that which draws upon music would be in a creative Sahara. Dance would not exist. Movies wouldn’t be nearly as moving. Fashion wouldn’t be as exciting. Music breathes life into the arts. Music is used to celebrate. It’s used to mourn. It’s used to work. It’s used for leisure. The more I write about this, the more I’m understanding why I couldn’t record this on video. Music is emotion. Music is infinite.

We are infinite.

So, what does music mean to YOU?





If you’re feeling discouraged, I’d like you to stop that. Just stop. Now.

Having  moved back home after graduating college, it’s easy to feel discouraged during the job hunting phase…especially if you’ve gone from living on your own to back with the family. (Love them to pieces, but it’s nice having your own place.) Sometimes it’s also easy to feel discouraged by your geographical settings. I know seas of corn don’t exactly scream opportunity for myself, but for others it may! Your mind is also an infinite resource. 😀

Also, stop the comparison. Because your story isn’t going to be the same as anyone else’s and that is a beautiful thing.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

-Milton Berle

Perhaps I’ve been motivated by some discussions with some great people whom I’m very lucky to call my friends, and some projects we’ll be working on together. (More details coming later! :P) But it’s important to know that inspiration can be everywhere and that opportunity is yours to create.

Chart your path, and execute your dreams. Take no prisoners. Love,





Goals and dreams rise with the temperatures, I’m convinced. Perhaps it’s the longer sunlight hours, the sense of vacation, the lack of being confined indoors; the list could go on! So with the beginning of summer here are some things that have helped me get the most out of summers in the past, and I hope they can help you squeeze everything out of it you can!



1. Bonfires

What is summer if not inviting friends over for some beers and a bonfire? It’s a great chance to catch up and relax with loved ones and some booze!

2. Water

Whether it’s in a plastic pouch and being thrown (water balloons if you couldn’t figure it out), laying out by it, swimming, or anything else in it; water is a major staple to a good summer! Just be sure to be safe! I’ve had a few incidences with aquatic sports, but I’ll save that for another time.

3. Books

If it’s not too humid, overcast days and sunny days alike are great  for chillin’ outside and reading a book with some iced tea. If you have a hammock all the better! Don’t beat yourself up though if you accidentally cat nap. That’s part of the appeal!

4. Music

Always. Everywhere. Life would be so hard without music. Turn it up, and sing along!

5. Movies

With friends! By yourself! At home! In the theater! So many options, and there’s a good line up this summer! 😀 Also, Netflix is a wonderful lover.


6. Tourism

Travel! If you don’t have the means to travel outside of your area don’t fret! Playing tourist in your home town can be just as fun! Take the time to look at everything with fresh eyes and enjoy what’s always been around you! Cameras help add to the touristy illusion, just please…no fanny packs. (Unless you’re looking for irony. :P)

What other ways do you enjoy your summer? For me, it’s a lot about the people I surround myself with. I always have a good time with my close friends and family! Let me know! I want to hear from you, so please leave a comment below, tweet, or Facebook me! (Click the links and let’s connect! 😀 )