It’s my birthday officially in a few minutes. And to be honest, this year it’s making me anxious. As someone who doesn’t like to take things too seriously, I’m gonna be a little serious for a moment and share somethings that I think are important to realize. Many of which have been inspired by discussions with friends and/or family.

I’m going to be turning an age that when I was 8 I thought I’d have a family and kids, and all that jazz by now. I don’t. But here’s the thing, I know I’m no where near ready for that currently. And that’s fine. Don’t set those milestones to “check off” if they don’t feel right. Each story is different. (One of my friends said, “no one has their shit together.” Think about it.)

Success isn’t overnight. Or over many nights even. It can be over many many nights. Of worry, doubt, and defeat. But don’t let it get you down. Take that moment, feel those feelings. But then get back up and kick ass stronger and harder than before. I’m a firm believer in perseverance and attitude.

Spread joy, smiles, and laughs like crazy. It’s free. It’s contagious. And it always returns. Thank you all for supporting me and my YouTube channel, and our Happy Hours together over this past year. It seriously means a great deal to me that you watch them, and look forward to them, comment on them, share them, all of that. I see it. I love it. And I love you. I hope you’re all having a wonderful evening and an incredible Saturday ahead. Enjoy yourselves and your loved ones.

Cory Scott


Film: Hitchcock & Klein

Lately I have been quite enraptured by Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Klein.  I’ve recently been exposed to a number of Hitchcock films and I have to admit I am unsurprisingly impressed.  It’s been said millions of time, however he truly was ahead of his time.  His mastery of suspense and the incredible ways in which he unfolds a story are inspiring and honestly, we could use more of it.  I’ll never forget the camera work in Shadow of a Doubt when young Charlie figures what her uncle Charlie has done.  It was if we were made to feel as small as she must have felt in those moments.  You can see that clip [here.]  *SPOILER ALERT*  You’re about to figure out the mystery.  In an interview, he stated that he wanted the camera to act as if it just took a huge breath.  Incredible.

In Hitchcock’s Notorious there is quite the opposite happening, where the stage is set for the party and so much is going on; but no one knows about the big deal this small key can make [here.]  So much to learn and study from this great man!

Steven Klein, known to have worked with Lady Gaga, is another film creator I have been delving into lately.  A photographer gone cinematic, his use of black is almost neo-noir and really bold in Gaga’s Fame campaign for her perfume.  [Click here to see Steven Klein’s Fame.]  This too is suspenseful, and seemingly has references to Salvador Dali and Stanley Kubrik; and is a commentary on the duality of fame.  One thing I’ve noticed with Klein is there is always so much packed into such short films.  They’re truly works of art that take some time to digest and grasp, so I won’t disperse my take on some of the imagery just yet.

Photo Oct 15, 1 53 17 PM
I found it. The missing link.

What are some film techniques you really enjoy or find fascinating?  Who do you admire for their work?  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  I would love to discuss!