I know this is completely “off brand” but here we go. Fugget. Can that just be “my brand?” “Fugget?!”…it’s applicable to so many things.


I was working the other day, and had to run some deliveries and errands, when out of no where an open field caught my eye. I don’t know if it was the golden grassy (I won’t pretend to be agro savvy) or the scenic wooded backdrop. But I knew I needed to do a shoot with a friend (and fellow in town business owner!) and some of their product. We’d spoken about it about a year ago, and an urgency flew under my ass. Or was it a fire?

Calling her up on my way back into work, I frantically told her, “If I had the time, I’d stop in and we could hammer this idea out. But we’re gonna have to wing it. You in?!” So we chatted briefly about the details. You need to be ready by sunset. Open field. Let’s do this. The weather gave us a run for our money throughout the day, raining off and on. Thankfully it was absolutely perfect at the time we needed it. I was pleased with the results. And thankful for a friend who knows how hectic and urgent I can be, and with the talent to follow through!

The pictures are a result of collaboration amongst the following businesses:

Designs on the Boulevard (photography & home decor) & their blog.

Wirthy Treasures (furniture & props) & their blog.

Sometimes you just have to take the inspiration when it comes. Although, usually for me, it’s right before bed. And then I’m up for hours working on something and lose track of time. Maybe I’ll keep a journal on my night stand? How do you deal with inspiration? What inspires you?

Stay bright, love always,




If you’re feeling discouraged, I’d like you to stop that. Just stop. Now.

Having  moved back home after graduating college, it’s easy to feel discouraged during the job hunting phase…especially if you’ve gone from living on your own to back with the family. (Love them to pieces, but it’s nice having your own place.) Sometimes it’s also easy to feel discouraged by your geographical settings. I know seas of corn don’t exactly scream opportunity for myself, but for others it may! Your mind is also an infinite resource. 😀

Also, stop the comparison. Because your story isn’t going to be the same as anyone else’s and that is a beautiful thing.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

-Milton Berle

Perhaps I’ve been motivated by some discussions with some great people whom I’m very lucky to call my friends, and some projects we’ll be working on together. (More details coming later! :P) But it’s important to know that inspiration can be everywhere and that opportunity is yours to create.

Chart your path, and execute your dreams. Take no prisoners. Love,





It’s currently my last spring break (before graduation) and I can’t help but ponder the future. Pretty sure that’s normal at this stage in my life. While I may know where I want to go and what I want to do, the stepping-stones to getting there are the hardest part for me. I’m lucky to know the goal, as I can at least continuously work and strive towards that. One thing is certain though, I will never settle. It’s not in my nature. There is an unsettling whole body rejection that occurs if I do.

While I may never settle, it is somewhat disturbing to see others do it. I know there are times we have to, or we have to compromise or make ends meet at the time. But to entirely dispose of a dream or goal, in the name of comfort is the exact opposite. I hope that through my work and journey I can help to inspire others. Let’s grow together, let’s delve into ourselves and discover what we’re capable of! Passion can fuel everything.

*If you’re reading this, and you need someone to believe in you; know that I do. I truly don’t think there is any idea too “crazy” or too “out there.” Push the boundaries and yourself to create the best version of you and your reality as possible. One thing that would hold me back when I was younger was the fear of critics. There will always be someone who has done it (or something similar) before, and/or better. Do it anyway.

Create. Learn. Repeat.

*(Unless you have goals similar to Hitler or something, in which case I can’t support that.) I also realize we all have different goals and dreams, and that is good! 😀

Perhaps this is just the ramblings of a dreamer with my head in the clouds, but I’ve got my feet firmly on the ground and I intend to stretch further and further. Join me for the ride?



PS. I’d love to hear about your goals or plans in the comments below! ❤


Film: Hitchcock & Klein

Lately I have been quite enraptured by Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Klein.  I’ve recently been exposed to a number of Hitchcock films and I have to admit I am unsurprisingly impressed.  It’s been said millions of time, however he truly was ahead of his time.  His mastery of suspense and the incredible ways in which he unfolds a story are inspiring and honestly, we could use more of it.  I’ll never forget the camera work in Shadow of a Doubt when young Charlie figures what her uncle Charlie has done.  It was if we were made to feel as small as she must have felt in those moments.  You can see that clip [here.]  *SPOILER ALERT*  You’re about to figure out the mystery.  In an interview, he stated that he wanted the camera to act as if it just took a huge breath.  Incredible.

In Hitchcock’s Notorious there is quite the opposite happening, where the stage is set for the party and so much is going on; but no one knows about the big deal this small key can make [here.]  So much to learn and study from this great man!

Steven Klein, known to have worked with Lady Gaga, is another film creator I have been delving into lately.  A photographer gone cinematic, his use of black is almost neo-noir and really bold in Gaga’s Fame campaign for her perfume.  [Click here to see Steven Klein’s Fame.]  This too is suspenseful, and seemingly has references to Salvador Dali and Stanley Kubrik; and is a commentary on the duality of fame.  One thing I’ve noticed with Klein is there is always so much packed into such short films.  They’re truly works of art that take some time to digest and grasp, so I won’t disperse my take on some of the imagery just yet.

Photo Oct 15, 1 53 17 PM
I found it. The missing link.

What are some film techniques you really enjoy or find fascinating?  Who do you admire for their work?  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  I would love to discuss!


Journal Entry: Inspiration is Everywhere; and Fall is Here!

One of my favorite things to do is to people watch.  So many unique stories, so many unique fashions, so many unique beings.  I also enjoy being a perpetual tourist.  Too often I can take for granted the everyday things I may pass on the street or in my commute; but how magical and exciting to try and remain fresh?!  With the changing seasons it is sometimes a nice reminder of the change that is constant around us and within us, it’s so exciting!

Photo on 2013-09-06 at 21.29
Sherry & I WERK

This past weekend I really started diving in on some collaborative efforts with Sherry.  We began on some covers for practice together and getting used to our creative processes and how they mesh.  I’m very excited to be working with her and to bring some more musick and videos to you!

Photo Oct 05, 4 03 06 PM
My first pad controller!

I also recently got a new pad controller; my first one!  So far I love it, and I haven’t even begun to understand its potential.  I’ll be learning some of that this week and seeing what new things I can come up with!

See you soon!