It’s my birthday officially in a few minutes. And to be honest, this year it’s making me anxious. As someone who doesn’t like to take things too seriously, I’m gonna be a little serious for a moment and share somethings that I think are important to realize. Many of which have been inspired by discussions with friends and/or family.

I’m going to be turning an age that when I was 8 I thought I’d have a family and kids, and all that jazz by now. I don’t. But here’s the thing, I know I’m no where near ready for that currently. And that’s fine. Don’t set those milestones to “check off” if they don’t feel right. Each story is different. (One of my friends said, “no one has their shit together.” Think about it.)

Success isn’t overnight. Or over many nights even. It can be over many many nights. Of worry, doubt, and defeat. But don’t let it get you down. Take that moment, feel those feelings. But then get back up and kick ass stronger and harder than before. I’m a firm believer in perseverance and attitude.

Spread joy, smiles, and laughs like crazy. It’s free. It’s contagious. And it always returns. Thank you all for supporting me and my YouTube channel, and our Happy Hours together over this past year. It seriously means a great deal to me that you watch them, and look forward to them, comment on them, share them, all of that. I see it. I love it. And I love you. I hope you’re all having a wonderful evening and an incredible Saturday ahead. Enjoy yourselves and your loved ones.

Cory Scott


From the Vault: Destiny

This is something I found recently in my “vault” along with music, designs, and videos.  I stored all of my creative endeavors in this vault since I was in high school.  I will continue to add to it, and have found renewed inspiration in it.  Sometimes seeing how little we’ve changed can be one of the most inspiring things about our ambitions and passions.  Here is one untitled piece, but I’ll refer to it as Destiny, in its original unedited form.

—-March 16, 2007—-

When thinking about it, from the perspective of a palm reader, your destiny is entrusted to you the second you clamp your hands.  That is when the marks and wrinkles first form, and that is how they will forever be.

Destiny; fate, fortune, the inevitable… does everything have a destiny?  Or is everything flung through time?  Each to go its own separate course, possibly colliding with others or traveling with others.  What if destiny is real?  Is there any control over it?  Can you go against destiny and create your own path, by making decisions?  Or perhaps destiny only reveals the destination, we choose how we get there and how long it takes.  The journey takes you to your destination, your choices affect your destiny.  But how?  How can the inevitable be affected?  Inevitabilitites are going to happen, yet we can affect them?  If one does not fulfill their destiny what happens?  Have they not fulfilled life?  Who’s to say?  How would anyone know?  Maybe no one would know… just you, the one who lived your life.  So all you can do is enjoy it, and that should be everyone’s broad destiny – to enjoy life to its fullest.  If anything is holding you back from that, you must simply let it go… and that will be better for you in the end… no matter how good it seemed.

Question everything,