100 Subscribers and the Persistent Stache

Hello friends! If you’ve been following me on any of my social media accounts, you may have noticed something different about me. A hairier thing about me. A lip eyebrow if you will. And that thing needs to GO! 

I promised a friend a week or two ago that I wouldn’t shave my mustache until my YouTube channel reached 100 subscribers. 

We were at 50ish when the deal was struck. As of right now, we’re at 95!!!! Just 5 away. I’m sure my friends on Facebook are thinking, “Jesus shut this kid up.” 

So now that we’re only 5 away, these last 5 subscribers have been the hardest to get. Let me shave my mustache, please! I implore you to check out my channel. If you like it, subscribe and share with friends! If you hate it, share it with your family. Here’s a link for ya: CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Thank you, and spread joy and love to fellow humans! 

Cory Scott  






Good morning and happy Monday friends! A friend of mine posted this on Facebook this morning, and I thought it was great. So I wanted to share it with you. So let’s set some goals for this week and get sh*t done! I commented my 3 goals, and I’ll share with you. Please feel free to share yours! 😀

  1. Go to the gym at least 3 times. (Can I just walk in and turn around and check that off my list?)
  2. Write a blog post (Nailed that one suckers. Although, I feel like this is kind of a cop out…maybe I’ll try to aim for two. 😛 )
  3. Start writing for my videos so I can finally get back on my freaking weekly schedule. It’s eating me alive that I’m not making these still. I promise. I am not giving it up.

Bonus goal: make it stop snowing…if only I could change the weather.

Let’s kick some ass friends! ❤





It’s currently my last spring break (before graduation) and I can’t help but ponder the future. Pretty sure that’s normal at this stage in my life. While I may know where I want to go and what I want to do, the stepping-stones to getting there are the hardest part for me. I’m lucky to know the goal, as I can at least continuously work and strive towards that. One thing is certain though, I will never settle. It’s not in my nature. There is an unsettling whole body rejection that occurs if I do.

While I may never settle, it is somewhat disturbing to see others do it. I know there are times we have to, or we have to compromise or make ends meet at the time. But to entirely dispose of a dream or goal, in the name of comfort is the exact opposite. I hope that through my work and journey I can help to inspire others. Let’s grow together, let’s delve into ourselves and discover what we’re capable of! Passion can fuel everything.

*If you’re reading this, and you need someone to believe in you; know that I do. I truly don’t think there is any idea too “crazy” or too “out there.” Push the boundaries and yourself to create the best version of you and your reality as possible. One thing that would hold me back when I was younger was the fear of critics. There will always be someone who has done it (or something similar) before, and/or better. Do it anyway.

Create. Learn. Repeat.

*(Unless you have goals similar to Hitler or something, in which case I can’t support that.) I also realize we all have different goals and dreams, and that is good! 😀

Perhaps this is just the ramblings of a dreamer with my head in the clouds, but I’ve got my feet firmly on the ground and I intend to stretch further and further. Join me for the ride?



PS. I’d love to hear about your goals or plans in the comments below! ❤


Attitude is Everything!

We’ve all heard it a million times; but I think it’s probably more true than some might think. Attitude can influence your mood, ambition, and outcomes. I hate to admit this, but last semester I got the worst grade I’ve ever received in a class. You know why? My attitude sucked. Why was it so hard for me to be more positive in something I needed as a stepping stone to one of my goals? I lost sight of the end prize and let my attitude towards that course plummet with my grade.


Here I am in my last semester of senior year taking a course to fulfill that requirement that I failed to last semester. My attitude shifted into a more positive one for this course, and the positive results are being reaped. Sure I started off pissy and annoyed, but through some effort and help from a friend (tutor!) I’m learning a new language better than before! My grades are doing so much better already in this subject than the previous semester.  “You reap what you sow.” So I’m going to plant positive seeds, even in the fields I don’t necessarily want to have to be in. It’s easy to be positive when you’re dealing with things you already love and things you’re passionate about. So let that flow through you and give momentum and encouragement in an upward fashion!


I’ve also heard that that perception is what creates reality. The perceptions we have can be influenced either way by our attitude. If I choose to look at something that intrinsically has no negative or positive value, I get to decide what value it has. Why should I choose for it to be negative? This is definitely applicable to our popular culture, and as of late there seems to be a lot of hate trains going on. People hating on Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, or Justin Bieber; and mainly because that’s what everyone else is doing right? It was suddenly in vogue to call Lady Gaga’s new album “ARTFLOP,” when in reality it wasn’t a “flop.” (Seriously, it’s actually a great album. Check it out if you haven’t already!) Or how “crazy” and “tragic” Miley Cyrus was for taking her clothes off and filming a music video. I mean, did those people listen to the lyrics? It’s about being vulnerable! And I don’t know about you, but for me, being naked and swinging around on a wrecking ball is pretty damn vulnerable. Not only are all of my body parts exposed, naughty bits included, I’m also not as in control of a wrecking ball as I am on my own two feet. Now the new album, the music videos, singles, you name it are not inherently negative. So why add negativity to them? Why spread negativity and hate, when we could spread positivity and love? This gets into one person’s attitude influencing another’s and the spread continues. “Never look down on someone, unless you’re helping them up.”

Every moment is a new chance for you to change your attitude and change your life. ❤

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect;


PS-Remember, you have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé!

Spring 2014 Goals

I’ve always been told there is power in our words, and I believe this to be true. I have read that our goals tend to hold more power when written. Having done this myself I find it not only helps me to accurately and specifically define my goals, but also increase my drive further. So I’m going to share my goals for this coming Spring 2014 semester, my final semester in school! I hope you’ll be a part of my journey and that we can be positive beacons!

Spring 2014 Goals

  • Graduate in May
  • Continue with my weekly Wednesday videos on my YouTube Channel
  • Add more to my weekly YouTube Channel Schedule (thinking of Reylyf videos on Mondays!)
  • Write, record, and produce more musick
  • Write, film, and produce some short films
  • Launch my T-Shirt Line in March
  • Travel more (or just play tourist in my own city)
  • More time with friends
  • More productivity
  • Game some (ReyPlay!)
  • Write more guest blog posts
  • Plan for the future (be prepared to change and adapt!)
  • Continue leading my organization and growing it

This list is probably going to be adapted and change somewhat throughout the semester, however this is a good start. More will be added I’m sure! We start Tuesday! Join me by following my blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and/or my Instagram! (I really like to interact with people. :D)

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

-Helen Keller

Rey Jump Photo
Together, our possibilities are infinite. Dream, explore, discover.



Happy New Year!

Some of my goals for 2014:

  • Increase weekly video output!
  • Produce short films!
  • Launch T-Shirt Line in March
  • Graduate in May
  • Make more time to do the things I love! (More musick, more film, more fashion!)
  • Write more guest blog posts!
  • Travel!

T-Shirt Line Launch!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be launching a T-Shirt line in March 2014! If you’ve read my post on customized clothing you know I have a desire to create fashion and not just appreciate it!

Some of these designs have been influenced by my previous sketches and have been modified for T-Shirt street wear! Street fashion has been my current obsession as it is both flashy and comfortable.

I’ve designed these with my friends in mind and to make the wearer feel special. Because when you feel special, those around you feel special. Spread the joy and love!

I’m also doing a GIVEAWAY for the launch! 😀

More designs can be found HERE.