Project: Latex Dress

I know I’ve been obsessing over this latest video project I’ve been working on, so much so that I’m attempting to make a latex dress for the video shoot! The whole video is a concept of liberating yourself, finding empowerment through fashion, and celebrating yourself. Last night I got to try a fitting with my friend (& model for the shoot!) and she’ll be wearing a latex dress that I’m making! She asked if there was a sketch or something she could look at, and for once I’m doing it all by mental imagery. (Sometimes my hands don’t draw what I see in my mind, XD, so hopefully they can just make the finished product!)

Here is where it’s at so far; basic steps. However, I’ll hopefully be finishing it up today after I get more materials!

Photo Apr 15, 7 56 58 PM

In the studio and with a clean backdrop, I think this will turn out beautifully! I can’t say exactly what inspired this, other than a collection of imagery in my head as well as some Fall 2014 RTW runway pieces; that and imagining my model wearing it. You can find the finished product in my video coming out soon! (Not the one for this week on my channel lol! >_<) Let me know what you think in the comments below!





Bill Cunningham New York

This past weekend I went into a fashion film craze. I scoured Netflix for more fashion and more films, and in my search wound up stumbling upon Bill Cunningham New York (link to IMDb). Having very little knowledge of who this man is, and what he does, I immediately fell in love with his story, his passion, and his drive. Bill works for the New York Times and publishes articles of his photos of fashion on the streets of New York. He’s ballsy too, running backwards into on coming traffic just to get the right shot; let alone walking the streets of a city with a camera pointed at seemingly unexpected strangers. He does what he wants with his vision and just goes for it. Guts. I would highly recommend this film; and have done so to a friend I though would enjoy this due to his love of photography (you can follow him here!). 


Lately I’ve been so inspired, I hope you can feel some of that and spread it! 😀




One of my Current Inspirations: House of Malakai

Over the summer I discovered a fashion brand (thanks to CL of 2NE1) that has been my latest fashion obsession; House of Malakai (HOM).  The head pieces HOM creates are ethereal.  Even (what I would consider) the everyday pieces in the Heliolatry Collection have a realm of fantasy and dream to them.  For instance, one piece from the Heliolatry Collection that strikes me most is the military visor used in CL’s 나쁜 기집애 (Baddest Female) music video: Click Here.

The shape, lines, and detailing all come together in this cohesive piece that really does honor the Helio-influence as well as charge forward with new vision and grandeur.

I have since really come to terms with some of my own inspirations through this discovery, and that has been quite a liberating and, obviously, inspiring process.  Seemingly I will like anything that looks straight out of a fantasy or sci-fi film (particularly Star Wars).   HOM’s couture line really evokes a sense of nostalgia and imagination in me that most other head wear does not.   It’s like being a child watching Star Wars for the first time again, and imagining all of the possibilities for so many different things.

To give more credit to CL’s use of HOM and the couture line: Click Here.

The styling possibilities are endless.  Here is more from HOM’s Couture Line.  There is so much visual appeal that I can hardly look at the page without gasping.  I’ll look away before I hyperventilate!  These dramatic and elegant pieces thrive off of the imagination and culture of both the designer and the viewer; and really comes together as a work of art.

What are some lines that you can’t get enough of?  What inspires your style and visually stimulates you?  Leave me a comment below, I would love to check out more lines and see what gets you fired up!