Fashion Staple: DENIM

If you don’t own any denim, just get out. Go somewhere else. It’s EVERYWHERE. Jeans, jackets, even button-downs. You’d seriously have to be living under a rock or be Anna Wintour (she’s the only thing too fabulous for them. Just googled, she does wear jeans from time to time! Bless her.)

One of my favorite past times is looking into the history of things. Words, customs, fashions (you know high heels were originally for men, right?), or even food. Maybe I just like the trivial information, but curiosity seriously gets to me. Naturally I started to wonder about denim. Who wore it, when, where, why?! I found this infographic that you might find quite intriguing. I want to know what your favorite style and fit is! Also, skinny jeans seem to be almost always in, so don’t ditch that pair just yet. Perhaps I’ll use some old pairs of jeans and make a stitch hodge-podge jacket, might teach me a thing or two about sewing. XP


I also love the feminist movement and liberation through denim. Take that power.

What is your favorite fit or style of denim? I love the straight leg, but am also a major fan of the tapered look. Just gotta hit the gym more and the Oreo’s less. Whoops.