Top 3 Most Mundane Things on Buzzfeed

Inspired by this tweet (and facebook update with accompanying comment) :

Here are the most mundane of subjects featured in Buzzfeed articles according to me. I was going to do 10…but like, that’s a lot of effort. Don’t take it seriously whatsoever. In no particular order, here we go!

1.) This Teen Made A Spotify Playlist To End Things With A Guy And His Response Was Perfect

Should we feature all clever breakups? And his response was literally one song. WHAT A THRILL THIS HAS BEEN.

2.) This Mom Brought Her Son To Work, So He Dressed Up In A Godzilla Costume

My only response to this:

via 30 Rock

3.) This Person’s Way Of Carrying Pizza Is Being Called Offensive

This one is actually extremely upsetting. But it feels like it was published more for reactions and engagement. But hey, that’s the name of the game. Get it! However, still terribly mundane. Sure, you might have a split second reaction, but that reaction is nothing you haven’t had while out in public.

These article titles are links to Buzzfeed’s website with the pertaining article attached.



what say you?!

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