Do you ever have those days where you’re ready for spontaneous adventure, or something different? That was me today. I’m not sure what sparked it, perhaps a full night’s sleep for once or catching up on sleep. Whatever it is, I was ready to just not be at home.

It’s one of those things, that’s slightly a paradox, but I wanted to go and do something but didn’t want to waste my time or resources doing it. For instance, what if I just hopped a train and took a spontaneous day trip to Chicago? Or drive around for hours with no destination in mind? I went to the gym in hopes that, that would cure my restless spirit, as it was a change of pace. I haven’t been there in too long. 😥

I definitely could talk to a friend through this all or something, just to bounce ideas and thoughts back and forth. But I wouldn’t be sure who to call. So I tried a few, and then didn’t. What do you do when you’re restless?

I think I’m missing my friends. Work has been very busy lately, and I haven’t had much time. I’m grateful that we’re busy, because that means business is good-so I will never complain about that. However, I must admit that I slightly feel like I’m losing some friends from it all. Which, I know it’s hard to be friends with someone who is rarely able to do anything (that’s me btw…) and can’t seem to make plans concrete (also me) or is bad about staying in contact (me again >_<). I just hope all my friends realize I do care about them, and I do miss them. If you even remotely think this applies to you, then it does. I promise. I would love to eventually be able to come and visit, call and catch up, or whatever works. Time is precious, and I need to be better with it. Also student loans blow. Is this part of “growing up” or am I doing it wrong? 

I hope this wasn’t too heavy or personal to share, but I needed to get it out of me somehow. Thanks for reading.





  1. Usually when I’m restless its during my summer vacation and it’ll last a couple days. Then, out of nowhere, a friend will ask me if I want to go somewhere with them (usually the mall or makeup store). If it’s on the weekends Spencer and I usually find something to do together like go outside and walk for a bit or go on a night drive around the city. Time is precious like you said and student loans SUCK. That’s a good book title actually lol ❤

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