Is it alright if I rant for a second?

Okay, now that we’ve got that out-of-the-way, it’s sincerely bugging me that I haven’t put out my weekly videos in a few weeks. It’s seriously something I look forward to doing. I love the planning, improv, editing, and sharing. The whole process. I don’t care if views aren’t stellar. All I care about is making the videos and sharing them with those that are watching. This is another reason it bugs me. There are people who have told me in person (which I REALLY appreciate. Seriously, friends, thank you. ❀ ) they enjoy my videos, and to not live up to the expectations of putting out more each week irks me.

I can’t complain about my situation. I’ve been busy with work. Like, super overtime crazy busy with work. It’s what comes with having a family business. Midnight oil and early mornings. So after all of that is done, I’m honestly quite wiped. Lately I have been a little burnt out. “Lately” as in the past two weeks. Thus why there haven’t been videos. 😦 I did have two days off, today and yesterday, and it’s been nice to just try to relax. Usually I’m really bad at that, as I’ll eventually start working on something. But these past two days, I. did. nothing. Maybe some graphics (the space golf question :P) and some posting on social media. However, that’s part of my fun. I’m also learning it’s important to give yourself that time off and that it can help boost productivity and creativity. YAAASS!

I don’t like to whine or complain, especially without movement towards improving the situations. All I can say is I know that life at work should lighten up soon as the holiday season comes to a wrap, and I’ll have more free time again to do the things I love. The things I get so excited about I lose sleep over. This is how my mom is at work, it’s adorable and hilarious. It also inspires me to pursue my passions, work hard, and keep laughing. πŸ˜€

…I also hate excuses. This is so contradictory so I hope you can understand my cognitive dissonance. >_< I also do love working for the family business, just to clarify. I just wish I had three of me, to get more done. πŸ˜›

Stay bright! Love you,


MOAR VIDEOS COMING SOON. Thank you for watching, your support, and your patience. ❀

[end transmission]


2 thoughts on “The Lack of Videos Lately…

  1. We love you! Take all the time you need and get lots of relaxation for the holidays. Looking forward to seeing your new viddys! You rock!

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