For those of you who follow me on twitter, you may know a few more things about my fashion sense than those who don’t. But don’t fret, I’ll catch you up with the important tweets that are applicable to this line I just found.

I think you get the picture.

Somehow, by the grace of the gods, I encountered this brand on my feed and have fallen in love with it. I’ve contacted the brand and they gave me these photos to share with all of you! Revel in their glory.


There is plenty more where that came from, just saying. Check out their site linked below. ๐Ÿ˜€ This line is called “Stargate” and I can see why! It’s out of this world with inspiration.

In my opinion, these designs are a playful, yet serious questioning of what male fashion is and could be. Why can’t a man care enough about fashion to push the boundaries?ย There is a playful touch of subtlety where you canโ€™t necessarily place your finger on how the clothes are different from those of most clothing lines, but you can feel that they surely are. No Attack’sย Stargate is edgy enough to be different, yet subtle enough to blend in; giving it a tasteful edge.

I can play with their motto “Real men fear no attack” by taking it one of two ways. One way being from the perspective of dressing outside of the norms of what a “normal” man wears. Others are going to comment, smirk, or talk about it, but that man shouldn’t fear those attacks. ย  Another way I can take it is from the point of view of the “ordinary” man;ย being that a man who sees another man dress outside of the social norms of men’s fashion shouldn’t feel threatened or attacked by this man’s display of edgy style. The two can coincide in today’s society regardless.

While the line is based out of Poland, they ship worldwide. I know I’m on board. Take me to your leader.

[NO ATTACK Website]




21 thoughts on “NO ATTACK

  1. You were spot on with commenting about the lines looking like they belong in Star Wars or LOTR. That being said, to take a style from fantasy and then be able to portray it in a modern setting is something incredible. I would love to be walking into a coffee shop to order my addiction in a cup, and now after looking at this line, I want to do it while looking like I am off to slay Orc’s. What an incredible and original concept and line.

    1. Thank you! What a great comment, so visual! The fantasy element really challenges why do we dress so plain, when we could wear whatever we want?! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I’m totally digging the black and white! Also I love how everything looks so stylish and interesting. You’ve got a great eye for fashion, keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’m definitely seeing the Stromtrooper and Darth Vader influence! Very unique and looks like something Kanye West would wear lol.

  4. One more interpretation for you, Rey: ‘real men’ as an archetype fear ‘no attack’ as the brand – only those who transcend or are able to escape this categorizing of masculine identity can fully understand or accept it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please let me know when you find more sci-fi/fantasy fashion!! Incredible!! The guy even looks a bit like Starkiller from The Force Unleashed games!! My favorite wear would have to be the first and I really like the graphic on the third. I wanted them before but after seeing these I really want tapered pants. I can buy some with you if it makes things cheaper.. ;D

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