From the Vault: My Nightmare

This is a writing a did a while back, a referred to in my Vlogmas 7 video! This is my nightmare that is all too close to a reality for some.


January 2, 2008

In a world where people put on different masks for different people, a different show for a different audience – one must wonder – with everyone trying to please everyone, why aren’t more people happy?

Photo by Lena Vasiljeva

He wakes up and gets ready for the day, cleaning himself of yesterdays sins, shaves away worries and sorrow – but only on the surface. Then he proceeds to put on his costume – what he wants the world to see. But is this him? Or some character? A work of art for all to behold… He then proceeds to put his mask on – the most important ritual of his routine. He walks out of his apartment and wears his mask with pride, for there is none elsewhere like it. He walks down the street to grab a cup of go-juice. He then pauses in shock. He realizes everyone around him is wearing the same mask. How can this be? HE is the ONLY one like him! He walks in with a jangle of a bell and blends in. “Just get your coffee and go,” he thinks. But the cashier tries to make friendly small talk, “How are you?” Does he tell her the truth? Or just smile? “I’m good thanks, how ’bout you?,” when he couldn’t really care less. After ignoring her reply he walks out, jangle bell, and assimilates into the busy bustle of the city clamor. After blending in he continues to do so, again and again. Finally reaching his destination – after getting some light reading material he walks into a tall office building. He goes to his assigned cubicle with his protocol desk. Smiling and making casual talk he does his job – earns his money, pays his bills. After a long day of nothing he enters the crazy sidewalk – an walks – almost as if trained, he doesn’t think – he just does. Finally he reaches his apartment building, chats briefly as he passes by with people who do not concern him. He shuts the door behind him, and locks the world out… for the night. He then gets ready to recharge, and prepare for the same traversaries that await him. He puts his costume away, and tucks his mask under his pillow – it never leaves him – and then he looks in the mirror. And what does he see? What lies beneath the mask?




what say you?!

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